Dr Kevin A. Quarmby is Assistant Professor of English at Oxford College of Emory University, Georgia USA. Prior to his academic career, Kevin Quarmby was a professional actor in the UK, appearing in numerous West End, National Theatre and Old Vic productions. On television, his many TV classics are regularly repeated on our screens. This professional experience allows students to engage with plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries as both literary and performance texts. From his London base, Quarmby has taught Shakespeare and Textual Studies courses for Florida State University, and a British Theatre course for the University of California London Programme. His open access 'Shakespeare and Elizabethan Literature' courses were popular with a variety of American institutions, including Drexel University, Philadelphia, and his capstone course on British Theatre Studies for Temple University, Philadelphia, brought the British theatrical scene to life in the spirit of inquiry-based learning.

Kevin Quarmby was awarded a PhD in Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama by King's College London and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He won the coveted King's College 'Inglis Prize' and gained full Arts and Humanities Research Council funding for his studies. Within a year of commencing his PhD studies, he was teaching English Renaissance Literature at King's College. Since then, he has offered courses for the University of Notre Dame and St Lawrence University, New York. His other academic roles have included Globe Education Lecturer at Shakespeare's Globe, London. As Associate Tutor for the University of Sussex's English and Drama Department, he workshopped and directed a final year production of Ben Jonson's rarely-performed Masque of Queens. Quarmby's British Theatre course for the Oxford Summer Program of Emory University, Atlanta, saw him teaching at Regent's Park College, Oxford. In the Fall of 2011, Quarmby was Guest Lecturer at Homerton College, Cambridge, teaching Restoration and Long Eighteenth-Century Drama.


Away from the 'physical' classroom, "Dr Q" (as his students call him) also has a virtual academic identity. His Shakespeare and Performance classes regularly invite outside participants to join his Oxford College students, while also interacting with practitioners from around the world. Recognizing his experience as a professional actor, Emory University's Center for Faculty Development and Excellence invited Quarmby to create and oversee faculty workshops in support of Emory's ongoing Coursera endeavors. These workshops train students and faculty alike to appreciate the performative impact of their studies. As Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Quarmby also receives tremendous support from the Claus M. Halle Institute for Global Learning.

Kevin Quarmby has published extensively in academic journals, including Shakespeare, Shakespeare Bulletin, ROMARD and Cahiers Elizabethain. In 2011, his article, 'Narrative of Negativity: Whig Historiography and the Spectre of King James in Measure for Measure', appeared in Shakespeare Survey, Volume 64 (2011), and his book, The Disguised Ruler in Shakespeare and his Contemporaries, was published by Ashgate in 2012. He is on the Editorial Board of The Map of Early Modern London. Quarmby is also editing William Davenant's Cruel Brother for Digital Renaissance Editions: Early Modern Drama Online, and co-editing with Dr Brett Hirsch the anonymous play, Fair Em. An established journalist and theatre reviewer, Quarmby also writes for online magazines in the USA and UK, and his reviews can be found at Big Q Reviews on Facebook.



The Disguised Ruler in Shakespeare and his Contemporaries by Kevin A Quarmby



Oxford College of Emory University, Georgia, welcomes Dr Quarmby for their fall semester. Classes ranging from Interactive Shakespeare, through 7th-17th Century English Literature, and on to twentieth century Pop and Punk culture, will benefit from Dr Q's expertise. An exciting time and a great honour (or even honor) to be teaching in the USA.

Kevin Quarmby travels the world for the Emory University Maymester Course, 'International Shakespeare in a New Media World'. With live linkups between Atlanta and Casablanca, and the opportunity to talk with theater and TV/radio documentary makers in the UK and beyond, the course is attracting attention from academic institutions and political commentators across several continents.

Exciting times at the MLA Conference 2012 in Seattle. Two major presentations for the MLA Digital Commons Initiative, as well as filmed interview for Steve Rowland's Shakespeare Central project, discussing Shakespeare in Rehearsal and Performance, Shakespeare and New Media and International Shakespeares.

Wonderful cover image received for The Disguised Ruler in Shakespeare and his Contemporaries from Ashgate's in-house design team. The final proofs are in preparation for the book's March 2012 publication deadline.

The honorary title, Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the Claus M. Halle Institute for Global Learning, Emory University Atlanta, was conferred on Dr Quarmby by Dr Holli Semetko, Vice Provost for International Affairs and Director of Office of International Affairs (OIA) and Halle Institute. Dr Semetko announced the award at the Royal Automobile Club, London, Friday October 21, 2011.