A selection of images from Kevin Quarmby's varied acting career.  
  Macbeth   The Merchant of Venice   Hamlet   Of Mice and Men  

Being strangled by Peter O'Toole in the 1980 Old Vic Macbeth. Photograph by Donald Cooper

Timothy West as Shylock with David Sumner and Quarmby in the Old Vic's The Merchant of Venice, 1980. Photograph by Donald Cooper
Quarmby as Barnardo in Jonathan Pryce's Hamlet at the Royal Court, London, 1980, directed by Richard Eyre. Photograph by Donald Cooper
Lennie in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, Swan Theatre Worcester, 1986. Photograph by Tom Bader
  Dandy Dick   The Winter's Tale   Water Music  
Macbeth's Disciple 2009
Compass Theatre Company's production of Pinero's Victorian farce, Dandy Dick, with Sir Anthony Quayle as Augustine Jedd and Quarmby as PC Noah Topping, 1986. Photograph by Nick Skinner
Quarmby as Camillo and Sean Baker as Leontes in The Winter's Tale, Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre, 1990, directed by Phyllida Lloyd. Photograph by Ian Woollams
Quarmby as Geoffrey the Strongman with Elizabeth Estensen as the Tart in Water Music, Cockpit Theatre, Soho Theatre Company, 1992. Photograph by Sheila Burnett
Kevin Quarmby as the Viking slave Thorold in the Spearean Productions film Macbeth's Disciple 2009. Photograph by the director, Jasmin Tempest
Deadly is the Male 2009
Deadly is the Male 2009
Coppers for Karma Music Video 2009
Kevin Quarmby in Deadly Is the Male, 2009, Directed by Michael Cvejic. Photograph by Annabel Vere
Kevin Quarmby as Dr Barnes in Deadly Is the Male, 2009, Directed by Michael Cvejic. Photograph by Annabel Vere
Coppers for Karma Music Video, 2009, Directed by Len Rowles; make-up by Camila Carmen Fernandez. Photograph by Laurel Murray
Kevin Quarmby as the Coroner, Sir Michael Wright, and David Hepple as DAC McDowall, in Stockwell, Landor Theatre 2009. Photograph by Steve Ullathorne
Dr Kevin Quarmby, Ascot 2008
Kevin Quarmby, Stockwell, 2009
Kevin Quarmby as Sir Michael Wright, Stockwell 2009
Kevin Quarmby by Ric Bacon