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  Follow the links to sites of interest in the Film and TV career of Kevin Quarmby, especially for the cult TV drama of the late twentieth century.  
Patrick Macnee, Morgan Fairchild and Christopher Lee
For the 1990 Movie Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady starring Christopher Lee, Patrick MacNee and Morgan Fairchild, with Quarmby as the Bosnian terrorist, Kosich, who kidnaps Miss Fairchild, flinging her over his shoulders and bundling her into a waiting carriage click here Patrick Macnee as Dr Watson and Christopher Lee as Sherlock Holmes in 'Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady'

For Linda La Plante's Trial and Retribution IV, with Quarmby playing Assistant Chief Constable John Stanley click here

Trial & Retribution IV 
The Professionals
For The Professionals and Quarmby's first TV appearance as the cycling Norfolk copper, P.C. Fenton ( click here
Another Professionals site ( click here
CI5 The Professionals
Doon Mackichan in 'Beast'
For the classic vet-based comedy Beast, with Quarmby as a local Farmer whose dog has gone 'soft' click here

The Cornish detective Wycliffe in this 1993 pilot, in which Quarmby plays D.I. Doug Kersie, Wycliffe's Cornish-pasty-loving sidekick click here

Wycliffe and the Cycle of Death

The Forsyte Saga

The award-winning Forsyte Saga, with Quarmby as the Doctor delivering Soames's daughter, Fleur click here

The Spearean Interactive Production (2009) of Macbeth's Disciple, with Quarmby as the Viking Slave Thorold, directed by Jasmin Tempest, click here

Macbeth's Disciple 2009