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  2019 French Shakespeare Society (SFS) Conference on "Shakespeare and the Animal World," Paris, France 2019. Paper presentation: "Falstaff's Baffled Rabbit Sucker and Poulter's Hare in 1 Henry IV." In 1 Henry IV, Falstaff enacts his histrionic mock deposition scene, only to be usurped by England's true heir, Prince Hal. Irate at his actorly demotion, Falstaff praises his own performance skills, while suggesting that, if found lacking, he should receive a punishment befitting his knightly status. Likening Falstaff to small game hanging in a shopfront or above a market stall, Shakespeare offers the ludicrous imagery of diminutive rabbit suckers and poulter's hares as analogous with the metaphorical baffling of his cowardly knight's massive bulk.
  World Shakespeare Conference 2016. Seminar co-presented with Dr Gretchen Minton of Montana State University. “Rogues, Vagabonds, and Scholars: Creative Cross-Pollination in Twenty-First Century Approaches to Shakespeare”. See WSC 2016.
Cambridge Shakespeare Conference 2011
Double Falsehood: Editing and the Performance Text', Shakespeare: Sources and Adaptation, Cambridge Shakespeare Conference, 9 –11 September 2011, Cambridge University.
‘Behind the Scenes: Penn & Teller, Taymor and the Tempest Divide', Shakespeare's Shipwrecks: Theatres of Maritime Adventure. Conference of the German Shakespeare Society, organised in association with the European Shakespeare Research Association (ESRA), 28 April – 1 May 2011, Weimar (Germany).
Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft
Invited participant in ‘Macbeth': The State of Play (directed by Professor Ann Thompson), offering paper entitled, ‘Lady Macbeth as First Lady: The Performance of Power on the Twenty-First Century Stage', for seminar at the Shakespeare Association of America Annual Conference, Bellevue, Washington, April 2011.
  Invited participant in Shakespeare Without Chairs: Open-Space Pedagogies (directed by Professor Carol Chillington Rutter and Jonathan Heron, The Capital Centre: Creativity and Performance in Teaching and Learning Seminar), focusing on performance and innovative pedagogy, Shakespeare Association of America Annual Conference, Chicago, April 2010.
Shakespeare Wiithout Chairs
Text and Image in Early Modern Society, The University of Sussex, 9 to 11 September 2008
'Image, continuity, and the 'Canker eaten rusty curre': John Marston's The Malcontent and 'Kinsayder's' disguised return', for the Text and Image Conference, Centre for Early Modern Studies, University of Sussex 9-11 September 2008

'"Ke ve la?": Staged Encounter, Disguise and Historical Myth in Henry V', at the International Shakespeare Conference, Staged Encounters: History, Society, Identity and Shakespeare, organized by the Centre of Advanced Study, Department of English, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India, in collaboration with the Shakespeare Association of America and with support from the British Council, East India, 18-20 December 2008.

Jadavpur University
Reviewing Shakespearean Theatre


''Practical Implications of Staging Shakespeare for the Stage', paper for ' Reviewing Shakespearean Theatre: The State of the Art', Conference at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, Saturday 5 – Sunday 6 September, 2009.


  'Politics and Repertory: James VI and I and the "Disguised Ruler" Plays', 1603: The Historical and Cultural Consequences of the Accession of James VI and I, Conference Hull University, 2003. RENAISSANCE forum
Guardian Unlimited Archive
Guardian article and discussion of the combined King's College London and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre MA in Shakespearean Studies.